Wednesday, November 05, 2008

how to survive the economy crisis

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Monday, May 26, 2008

collection of cert

YEP had just printed the certificate for all the participants, do check your post ya..

Thursday, March 30, 2006

KUPANG!!@#$%^$ pang ah pang

how is indonesia like?? well i am going to find out..

"pls blog ur expectation of the trip before you would leave ur home". this is what i tell everybody. but hay, i am the one who has yet to blog.

SO i am holding on tightly on the budah's leg at this very last moment on the Jet. Had slept at 12 a.m last night and intended to wake up at 3 to pack my bags and prepare all the last minute stuff. But great. Dear Mr alarm had forgotten to wake up himself, it was 6 a.m when i just squeeze everything in. No time for Gel, no time for contact lense, no time for shaver. But there is time for Edmund Chew. hahaha, he overselpt as well, as the initial plan was for us to collect some baggage at Budi's appartment at 7.30.. now is 7.30, i am at AMK to meet him and Zhenni.

I would finally understand the meaning of leading a team of 16 youths. It was chaos. People telling me all shorts of thingys to do, people doing their own stuffs. Worst still, i have asked 3 person to be counting the luggage and all of them only counted halfway, grewwww... great.. I don't know its so tough for group check ins.

ANd then, the tags are all seperated, slowly issuing the boarding pass one by one. When we reach jarkatar International airport, firstly, the custom wouldn't allow kellyn to enter. then one of captain's budi baggage gone missing >.<..

What a first day.

The team didn't have our lunch. The team is tired. I am drian. We were driven to our hostel by 4 rotarians. Great, the place is soo ulu, and also bumpy. AFter chosing our rooms, a short meeting, and dinner, all of us finally gone to sleep.

Here i am, in West Timor. Kupang to be exect. execited, proud, and looking forward to really be doing some great thingys. Had been asked form National Youth Council to be imposing Service Learning to every participants. Felt amaze that i have did such a Big project. All the sleepless nights have finally been paid off.

With a mission form myself and a mission form my nation, I have planned out all what i need to do for the trip. Hoping to impose my knowladge, hoping to grom a leader for SF 2, hoping to share how i think. I keep on telling myself not to stand out too much, for the only way one could see more is to be their own leader. And i would hope that this could be their own trip, and not my trip. Will try hard on that. Have fun, learn about their culture, make new friends and to do my very best for my dream--Equaility among all living thingys.

Felt really touch where all the committees work so hard together the week before,they are awsome, every single one of them. Thanks to everybody, we have arrive. we begain to write a book together.A huge book of 16 chapters. Never to be forgotten by the 16 authors. A book to be read by those who needs it, a book which might one day, causes the history to change.

A great book entitle: Seedlings Fission.

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(our first meeting)

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(waiting at the airport for kupang)

SF, how it all started

It all started during a meeting, when Captain Budi told me about the famine in West Timor. I want to do something, I want to be like him. I am bored of trying to FIND something to do in Singapore. I always believe in Equaility.. I always want to do something for other parts of the world to balance up the equation...

I want to go back to Father Jaccob in India, I want to clean up a polluted river in China. But I can only do one, to do a great meaningful one. One i have decided is West Timor. For the famine, for the hunger, for the thurst. for lives and for their future. I think i can do one small deed. At least a memorable one before I have to be locked up in NS for 2 yrs.

I don't really know Captain Budi well before, but i do know he is different. Spending his time, savings, just to do community service.. I cannot imagine a person like myself doing something like that. Yes, i wouldn't mind to donate my extra pocket money. Yes, i don't mind to help others during my spare time.. But he is giving away his life savings, his wife is there for more then 9 mths in a year. That is them. A very different couple. They did somethingys which i could never have done at all. ***Admiring a special human being***.

It is still a 2 weeks before christmas, where Sandy, another member of Rotary Eclub of 3310 and I meet up with Ms Wendy Pang from NYC. A project like this sounds possible. Now, it is up to Captain Budi, to see if he would want something like that.

Yes, he is interested. Yes, de dosn't mind a YEP. Yes, he don't mind a group of young people disturbing his honeymooon with his wife.

And so, the recuitment started. Asking almost all of my contacts, all of the rotaract clubs, and even posting in 2 popular local web forum."UNSAFE LAHZ, no time lahz, u siao huh do volunteer work so far away." these are the answers i got.

Finally, i got 22 youths, who would share the same passion with me. It is only 3 days before i meet this group of participants where i finally got a chance to meet Captain Budi. THe meeting is still unproductive due to his busy schdule.

It all went smoothly,not until people starts to pull out. there is only 16 people left in the end. Then SF couldn't really find much spoonsers, so there is money problem. Natinal Youth Council could only give us the first $10,000 on the 23 of March. Luckily there are people from my group willing to fork out more first, and captain budi is willing to settle the rest.

thingys gotten wrost when my wai kuan dropped out. She is someone who always makes sense, my advisor, and a close allied. and she is also my treasure, so gotta start to find another one from the group to manage the accounts.

The final meeting is held one week before we depart at Suntec Pizza Hut and Xuez Book.. Sorry that i am late. as usual. hahaha.. But amazing that the group starts to bond well. Something which i have never expect for just 3 meetings. Jokes, fun, play, laughter and friends, even before the actual expedition.

The logo is done, t-shirt up, calender settled, meet so many people, called up everyone, insurance paid.plan out everything. Meet up with every committee, paired up with Captain Budi. Great, i am sick one during the last week. At least everything is done

Finally, the seed is being placed deep into the soil. Seedlings Fission is ready to to grow into a tall and mighty tree.

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(meeting at pizza hut)

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(our collection)